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Townsend Mastering is a full service mastering studio with a focus on vinyl excellence. Years of experience and top notch analog gear guarantees every project is treated with the utmost care, from independent artists to major labels.


☛Digital Mastering

☛Vinyl Mastering (Lacquer Cutting)

☛Apple Digital Masters (MFiT)

☛Audio Restoration

☛DDP Creation



Established in 2016, Townsend Mastering is a full service mastering studio located in the heart of Orange County, CA just 40 miles south of Los Angeles. The studio is home to 2 vinyl mastering lathes:

Townsend Mastering’s Neumann VMS 80

  • NEW fully restored Neumann VMS 80 Lathe (with VG66 electronics and SX74 cutter-head)

  • Scully A&M Lathe (with custom tube amplifiers)*

*Custom Haeco cutting-head and electronics built by engineer Dylan Constan-Wahl (assistance from Jacob & Len Horowitz)

Owner and operator Nicholas Townsend has mastered over 2,000 vinyl records including Cheap Trick, Weezer, Iron Maiden, Bad Religion, Garbage, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Grimes, and more. Identifiable by the handscribed “NT” found on the lock groove of each vinyl.

Nick’s musical prowess was refined during his time with Pete Lyman @ Infrasonic Sound as disc-cutting engineer. After leaving, Townsend supervised the setup of Elysian Masters’ disc-cutting system, handling lacquer mastering duties.

Starting his career off drumming for punk rock bands when only 16 years old, Townsend has been playing professionally ever since. His trained ears and passion for the production of music is owed to recording these very bands in his grandmother’s garage.

Townsend attended Audio Engineering School @ Citrus College in Glendora, CA before landing his first audio job with Infrasonic Sound.


“Nick is a seasoned drummer and has been in many bands throughout the years including Fireburn, Deadbeat, & Dr. Know.” ☛ Click here for an interview with Nick Townsend


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